I am a terrible blogger…..

Hey Yall,

So like my title says this blog post is about how terrible a blogger I am.Odd I am going to point out flaws most people try to hide, thus another blogger fail!

I don’t posts witty or creative one of a kind things, I don’t have an amazing way with words *I just pray most of my words are spelled correctly* and I sure as heck have no clue what it means to blog. BUT…I have had an epiphany, I don’t need all of that, I am a terrible blogger because I am not nor do I care to be a blogger! I have this “blog” for lack of a better term at the moment, to connect with you, to connect with the crafting community. Not to put all of this crazy pressure on myself to be better, know more, succeed faster.*GAWWWWWDDD*

Lately though thats were my head has been. I have been in a constant crippling spiral of all the thing I have done wrong. *DEEP BREATH* I am DONE! I don’t need to harm my mental well being to be something I am not.

So if you wanna come read my words, mostly tales of how I am working on my shop and trying to become a jack of all crafts, then welcome. If you want a greatly worded blog about how I sell, create, share all of this that and the other without tears, emotionally eating and huge grown woman baby tantrums…these are not your words and I am not your gal.



Owner of Crafting Oasis Yarn Co.

Sometimes Podcaster of Crafting Oasis Podcast

Overall terrible blogger and embracing it!

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How I got my embroidery groove back!

Okay so I am obsessed with Instagram! I will literally look through my entire feed twice *oh yes it ends…very very far down* and then I am on to a specific section to look at pictures of cakes, cookies, puppies, sloths, clay and the occasional makeup video. Well this keeps me entertained for hours, HOURS I SAY! But Instagram took it a step further than pictures and videos a while ago and introduced the (Instagram Stories) feature! Holy Maclamoly my lurker heart nearly explode with joy! Now I could show people 30 second clips of my day and vice versa! Well through the months my lovely Instagram has learned some of my favorite insta story accounts, to name a few there’s @crafteachat @badwolfgirlsitsandknits @sparonoknits and definitely by far my favorite is @sewrella! This is where my love of embroidery was revived.

Now of course Sewrella does not embroider solely or even mainly in her day to day insta life. She is like most people I follow, a maker of the yarn lover variety. Yet one day as I was watching the daily round of insta story’s (in the waiting room of my most recent ER visit *see different post on why bronchitis with asthma sucks*) I saw she was a fan of embroidery! A long lost art form from my personal past. I believe she was making a embroidery loop with flower for her mother’s birthday and I fell in love with it. The look was stunning and of course I thought it was just the bees knees but not for me as I had dabbled in embroidery before and it just had not worked out. Now let’s take a moment to look at my “journey” before hand into the needlecraft world. When I was little my older sister would take me to Hobby Lobby and we would go through the whole store looking at different crafts to try out. On a very daring day I decided I was going to learn embroidery! So of course I grabbed my pretty blue plastic loop, my extra needles, my cute flower bag to store everything in…and my stamped cross stitch. Duh duh duhhhh that’s right ladies and gents I actually have never tried embroidery but in my mind of yarn yarn yarn I have always unintentionally called anything needle art related, cross stitch or needle point  embroidery, just embroidery. Now these ARE all type of embroidery but they differ slightly, but that’s another story, so when I used the over arching statement ” I have embroidered” I was way off base.

Anyway back to the present…typing about the past? Back to Sewrella! Anyway so in one of her instagram story’s she asked anyone if they would be interested in an embroidery tutorial to please direct message her. I of course was for any kind of tutorial on this matter so you bet I said “me me me me me oh meeeee” or something like that. Fast forward about 2 weeks later, I have bronchitis. I got a cold from my guy and with my lovely traitorous asthma lungs “Benedict & Arnold” after the cold passed I developed viral bronchitis. It’s safe to say even though I have been through this before I was really really down in the dumps. My mood was not pleasant and fiber arts were not an option for me as all my projects at the time where just not appealing to me. I had errands to run that day and of course in the morning I checked my insta story’s while sipping on coffee in bed and saw Sewrella had posted a embroidery tutorial! I watched her youtube video and then went to her blog to see the materials needed. I was toying with the idea of just jumping into another craft to treat myself and help raise me sprits. We were on a budget at the time but I ran the number and asked my guy if he would mind if I deviated from the budget by $10 dollars (the amount I a lot red myself for supplies ) he of course was all for me expanding my creative tool set & giving myself a pick me up so off to Walmart I went! I had to have lunch with my guy of course (he works at Wally-world in electronics) and after that we went shopping! *note to all, the only time I get excited about shopping is craft shopping*. In the craft section of Wally-world my guy introduced me to one of his co-worker, a lovely lady I immediately knew was my crafting soul sister. I told her what I want to do and on what budget, then off she took me. I was shown floss, transfers needles, loops and thrifty was to shop for fabric! By the end of 45 minutes my guy had headed back to work and I was headed to check it with 11$ worth of supplies  (they had these coffee transfers I just had to have as they were just too cute) and also $15 dollars of gardening supplies (I am starting a garden duh duh duhhhhh). I went home plopped all of my materials down, sketched out a couple of rose shapes and off I went!

The rest is history a.k.a 2 weeks later and I am so happy I found a new passion, all because I surf instagram with my morning coffee as it safe than talking to actually humans in my vicinity!

My shopping list of materials I purchased and pictures of my work periodically from start to finish are below! I have also linked the youtube video and blog of Sewrella below this post!

( On my first try I went with 3 diffrent flowers to fill up the space and also to get in as much practice as possible)




  • DMC 25 Floss (40 cents at Walmart) in 3 colors for the flowers and one for the leaves
  • One Medium Wooden Hoop ($1.38 at Walmart)
  • Glue Gun (To glue the edges of the fabric to the back of the wooden loop)
  • One Medium Embroidery Needle ( I got a case of 15 at Walmart for $2.50)



Sewrella Blog : http://www.sewrella.com/

Sewrella Youtube Tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8T6Mfpgvg-A

*Big Thanks To Sewrella for taking the time to create these awesome Tutorials!*