Hey y’all! So this is the part where  try to explain all about me in an eloquent, well worded, possibly humorous yet complimentary way… well  I am so horrible talking about myself why don’t I just give you some facts, locations, dates and we call it a day? Ok ready, here we go! My name is Catherine ( Cat for short) I live in Houston, Tx. with a small zoo of fur babies and my fantastic boyfriend. I have been crafting my whole life but only within the last 2-3 years have I started to curve my love of crafting into a life style/income! I started with crocheting about 8 years ago and off and on in those eight years I tried knitting with little to no success. I have now been knitting for a little less than 6 months and good golly I love it! Then came spinning, first on a drop spindle and now on my own CPW wheel named Tammy Swanson ( that is definitely for another post). Now I am venturing into dyeing yarn and I have also dipped my toes into sewing, paper crafts, beading, loom knitting, weaving and cake decorating. Whew y’all still with me? Ok so with all of those crafts i have defiantly figured out one thing, crafting is my oasis. Its my sanctuary, my comfort and my blessing. Through my depression, anxiety and my everyday ups and downs I have always had crafting in my life to carry me through. Its my passion to share my joy, love and work with others! Wow so that was not to bad! So now that